Critical Characteristics You Should Demand From Your Computer Consultant
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Website Design and Development

For every website we build, large or small, we adhere to a multi-step process stressing collaboration with you, our client. The custom website process allows us to deliver you a solution on time, within budget, and of exceptional quality.

  • Initial Consulting Session—Whether you wish to develop a new website or redesign an existing one, we start by discussing your company background, business objectives, needs, and target audience.
  • Proposal—After the initial consultation, we provide you with a proposal outlining exactly how we can meet your stated business goals.
  • Blueprint the site—We'll create a blueprint for the construction of your website based on "fact-finding" with you and on our vast website experience.
  • Website / Navigation & Page Structure Design—In creating your website's design, or "look and feel," we start by collecting information from you with our Project Profiler, a document designed to gather website design needs and wants. You tell us basics such as color scheme, your company's "personality", and examples of websites you like and don't like—and why. The Project Profiler forms the foundation of our research in developing a compelling and effective design, customized for your target audience.
  • Website Content Development—Your content communicates your marketing message and allows you to "connect" with your audience(s). As such, it is vital that it is organized in a clear, concise manner. We do offer content development.
  • Site Development—After we analyze the requirements that we've gathered, we begin development. This includes implementation of the website design, layout of the content, and development of the functionality mapped out in the Requirements Gathering and Specification Formulation stage.
  • User Acceptance Testing and Bug Fixing—Upon completion of website development, we enter into a series of testing phases to ensure full functionality of the site. All known errors and defects are recorded and fixed. Also included during this phase is user acceptance testing, conducted with you, to ensure that you are satisfied with the functionality of the website before it is deployed to a production-level environment.
  • Site Launch—When the site is ready to launch, we move it from its secure staging environment to the Internet and onto your company's domain.

A sample of the Web Design Tools we are using today:

Content Management Systems:

Mura CMS

Development Languages:



Adobe Creative Suite