Critical Characteristics You Should Demand From Your Computer Consultant
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Our Clients

"There are no unexpected costs associated with our support from Digital."

The Digital Architects, Inc.

[We like] the convenience of contacting Digital when there is problem or issue which needs to be given attention and/or corrected. There are no unexpected costs associated with our support from Digital. We basically receive one monthly invoice for the No-Hassle IT services.

With our complete backup service provided by Digital, there were a few occasions where specific files were lost or deleted from our computers and Digital was able to pull up our most recent backup and restore the file for us.

Kathy Nolan Office Manager Cynergy Electric Company, Inc.

"We're big fans of The Digital Architects."

The Digital Architects, Inc.

I know when something is not working when I go to login and I can't login, and I get some strange messages. My criteria is when I go somewhere, I need to be able to work. We had a lot of conversations when we were first considering going to the [No Hassle Service Plan]...we had to ask ourselves, can we afford to be down? And we really can't afford to be down. Our business relies on the ability to connect to our business partners.

I am happy with the time response when we send a request into the Help Desk. [With No-Hassle there is a] quick call back, not a lot of wondering.

We're big fans of The Digital Architects. We had used other services prior to our relationship with [The Digital Architects], and we have no regrets about moving forward with our relationship, and look forward to it continuing for a long time.

One instance we are very happy with is regarding accounting software we for our day to day operations. Their technical support leaves a lot to be desired. We have had a lot of issues where there something is just not right, maybe there is a blip or something. There was an instance where that was the situation, so we contacted the Digital Architects, and within an hour you were over here and were troubleshooting and were able to get us up and running, and able to do business that day.

Keith Fulmer Video Mounting Products

"I would highly recommend Digital Architects, particularly to another small company..."

The Digital Architects, Inc.

The Loyola Foundation has been a Digital Architect client for the past three years. During that time, they have proved to be very supportive and helpful. Jeanmarie always provides accurate quotations for work to be performed. She has never oversold her company's services. She recommends only the equipment and software that we need for our business, rather than burden us with any unnecessary expenses. Colette, Justin and the other staff members at Digital Architects provide us with prompt and efficient service. I would highly recommend Digital Architects, particularly to another small company such as ours that doesn't have its own Information Technology department.

Greg McCarthy Executive Director
The Loyola Foundation
The Digital Architects, Inc.

The biggest benefit of being part of a No-Hassle service plan is that it is more cost effective. I also think that if we didn't have the No Hassle plan, that we wouldn't have those regular things that are done on a repetitious basis. The preventative type maintenance is very important.
I like how you are able to remote into the computers instead of always require an onsite visit. Converting to Kaseya has been one of the best things. Me, personally, because it gives me access to the employee's computers without interrupting what they are doing, so that they and I can work interactively.

Donna Townsend Capitol Title Insurance Agency, Inc.
The Digital Architects, Inc.

I guess what I like best about [your No-Hassle IT plans] is that I don't have to really do anything! That's what makes it No-Hassle!
One situation I can think of is when one of our servers went down. It was a very hectic situation. TDA was out here nearly every day to figure out what was going on. You guys ended up building us a new server. Everything went haywire, but you guys handled it. I didn't have to do anything but make a phone call.

Christie Crockett BEC Management